Chemistry Newsbytes

coffee.jpgGo ahead a pour yourself another cup of coffee. A new study shows java may be good for your heart. Washington Post Ranking pharmaceutical companies on how accessible their products are to the third world. NY Times Hollywood's hottest new accessory: The hydrogen-powered car. LA Times MIT's Dan Nocera on why chemistry is the key to solving the energy crisis. Guardian Nucleobases in space. ScienceNOW Do-it-yourself chelation therapy is probably not such a great idea. LA Times How science will give you superpowers. Cracked The tale of Prince Algorino--Imagining "An Inconvenient Truth," The Opera? NY Times


  1. hells yeah part deux « practical transmutations - [...] yeah part deux The Washington Post(via C&ENtral Science) is spreading the good news: “Drinking up to six cups a day…