JACSβ Launches

Our friends over on the journals side launched JACS Beta yesterday, where you--yes you, dear readers--can play around with new functionalities and give your very welcomed feedback. Features currently being tested over on JACS Beta are virtual issues (theme-based collections of free content that include synopses of articles), audio summaries, and PowerPoint slide sets. On the basis of your feedback, functionalities you love will eventually end up on the JACS site; functionalities you don't will ride off into the cyber-sunset. So go play in the sandbox and tell them what you think. And aside from all journal content being free (duly noted), give your ideas of what you'd like to see (either technical- or thematic-wise) on the JACS site. I hear new features will be added to the beta site on an ad hoc basis. jacs_betagrab.jpg

Author: Rachel Pepling

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  1. Wonderful job! Now I can follow the new literatures by listening them. Cool feeling. Hope there will be more audio files available.

  2. Materials!!! Organic, inorganic, doesn’t matter. I took a look at the site today, and it seemed bio-heavy. If it stays that way, it’s safe to say I’ll avoid it.