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stonehenge.jpgRadiocarbon dating shows Stonehenge was a royal family's burial site. LA Times Are stem cells driving tumor growth? A new theory on cancer. Forbes Not sure what to get Dad for Father's Day? How about a suit made from recycled plastic bottles? Treehugger Career advice for chemists who want to work with food. New Scientist Ecohacking: Geoengineers have big ideas about averting climate change. Guardian A little history on the discovery of Krypton. Wired News Driving could get greener in an unexpected way: environmentally-friendly asphalt. CNET Swimming pools minus the chlorine. (Someone should tell the reporter that ozone, silver, and copper are chemicals too.) NY Times

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  1. Getting the chlorine out of the pool might be good idea for more than just the smell and irritation. Apparently chlorination leads to the formation of nitrosamines, which have been detected in chlorinated pools at ~500x the normal drinking water level (doi:10.1021/es702301p), nitrosamines being carcinogens of course.