Saying It Loud And Proud

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The chemistry t-shirts were out in full effect in New Orleans. We saw everything from the old school, straight-up periodic table, to the creative (and occasionally more risqué) student association shirts, to a professor who's spelled his name out in peptides. For those who appear in the slide show, thanks for being so accommodating when a crazy lady ran up behind you and asked to take your picture. For those walking around with shirts that they're particularly proud of, give us a shout. Who knows, we might come looking for you. We're going to try to update the slide show as the meeting winds down.

Author: Lisa Jarvis

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  1. What a bunch of dorks! I feel sorry for the locals who had to put up with them…

  2. Seriously. That #12 guy was the dorkiest of them all. I heard he plays with paraffin wax for fun.

  3. You could tell the real dorks because they were the ones walking down Bourbon Street with their ACS badges on! I was also sorry to see that my shirt that was photographed didn’t make the cut 🙁

  4. I have two more photos on my camera (including one of a very understanding guy who let me take his picture in the security line at the airport…). I’ll try to see if we can get yours up there soon, Eric!


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