Leaving The Big Easy = Not Easy

I'm sitting in the airport, waiting for my flight, hence my current state of blogorrhea (two back-to-back posts!). At least one of C&EN's reporters got bumped from an American Airlines flight out of New Orleans yesterday. I'm flying US Airways this afternoon, so keep your fingers crossed for me. Safe (and on-time) travels to everyone, especially to the Nature team. I feel like I'm leaving on a high note--last night, I was trading stories about the meeting with chemists and music lovers as the joint ORGN-MEDI poster session wound down and the Zydepunks kept on playing their unique blend of folk/punk music. I'd say they were good; they had more than a few chemists playing the air drums in the convention center when they thought nobody was looking. Expect a more detailed post (with pictures!) about this soon, where I do my best to pretend I write for Rolling Stone or Q Magazine. The low point? Feeling more than a little guilty that I spent five days here and stayed exclusively in the nice, clean, touristy part of the city, pushing the gritty reality (see here and here) to the back of my mind. Philly's got next, but because we have a permanent blog now, I don't have to say "see you in Philadelphia." Awesome.

Author: Carmen Drahl

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  1. Had I but known this was happening before the actual day of the poster session, I would’ve brought along the earplugs I use for concerts. I can stand right by the speakers wearing them and not look weird because my hair’s long enough to cover my ears.
    Now I’m wondering whether poster presenters thought it was better to present in that forum or at Sci-Mix.