Grand Science Challenges

From this week's Editor's Page: One of the numerous presidential events at last week's ACS national meeting in New Orleans was a session titled "Energy Research: Future Challenges & Opportunities." The symposium was jointly sponsored by ACS and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. The keynote speaker at the session was Raymond L. Orbach, undersecretary for science at the Department of Energy. In his talk, Orbach said there "are the two questions that loom over humanity today: How will we supply all this needed new energy, and how can we do so without adding dangerously to atmospheric greenhouse gases? "The energy and environmental challenge confronting us in the century ahead is truly monumental. It may be one of the biggest challenges humanity has ever faced." Read the rest of the editorial

Author: Rachel Pepling

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  1. “Enlisting the world’s scientific professionals to address, through chemistry, the challenges facing our world” is a major goal of the American Chemical Society. Certainly, providing sufficient energy is an important challenge where chemistry can make a difference. To find out more about the Society’s efforts and to offer your suggestions, please visit