Chemistry Newsbytes

mentosandcoke.jpg Reproducing the experiment no one ever seems to tire of, 1,500 poncho-clad Belgian students simultaneously dump Mentos into Diet Coke. Telegraph Home brew for your car (or how to fill up your tank in your backyard). NY Times Not enough scientists to go around? Attrition strikes the Indian pharma industry. Hindu Business Line Element collector turns hobby into a career. Boston Globe Venemous sea snail spits out powerful anesthetics and pain killers. The Guardian Oil-based paints are 800 years older than originally thought. LA Times A peek at K. C. Nicolaou's new book. San Diego Union-Tribune Has the Wicked Witch of the West got a bone to pick with Lawrence Livermore? A rare breed of poppies is exploding at the national lab's Site 300. Contra Costa Times

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  1. Is this what they mean by “scale up”? That’s quite a sight…