Chemistry Newsbytes

newbytesfull.jpg Spellements: Make your own personalized element banner. Theodore Gray Winning teams: chemists and VCs. WSJ (sub req'd) Scientists finally figure out why arsenic works as a cancer treatment. The Guardian Metal bands planning their next tour take note: Lasers are now being used to create electrical activity in thunderclouds. Scientific Blogging Community college students learn the art of preserving people in plastic. LA Times Chemist aids art conservator. Concord Monitor Musings on plastics. NY Times Wired's take on the ACS National Meeting. Wired Science

Author: Lisa Jarvis

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  1. On Spellements: Bah humbug. After a childhood devoid of personalized pencils and toy license plates, now I get “Sorry, there’s no way to spell that with elements.”

  2. Yeah, I hear you Jyllian. But you’re in good company. Did you know that you can’t even spell “Chemistry” with elements?

  3. hi, i am hamed i am studing chemistry in the university ,this is blog is one of the best blogs that i have ever seen.i hope u continueit in the future. thank you.

  4. I’m almost embarrassed that you linked to my top 5 list! It started out as a gallery of offbeat stuff — mostly from the poster sessions — with the aim of showing off how wide the world of chemistry can be.